A Knightly Anniversary!

“The Lance trundles along triumphantly. What had once been a single knightly form, drunkenly slouched upon a tired destrier has grown into a prolific force sporting many different banners!

Let the windmills of the world be wary, for here come the Knights in the North!”

It is the first anniversary of the site! We’ve grown from a single voice into a veritable group of content producers. In the last year 5 writers and 3 artists have joined the Lance, and I’m overjoyed at what we’ve managed together!

In the last year we’ve had some 15k views all in all, with constantly increasing numbers. Last month an average of 50 visits per day were made to the site. Our core readership seems to come from the US, with Finland, Canada and Spain following fairly far behind.

This is the 92nd post made on the blog, meaning that we average around 50 articles in six months. Out of those 92 articles only 12 are not directly usable in play (11 articles marked with the “Management” tag, and the one campaign chronicle being the outliers), meaning that we’ve successfully kept the 80/20 guideline of playable vs. other stuff I set when I started the project.

As a celebratory show of force I added links to (most?) of our content to the DCC RPG Resource Link spreadsheet (available over here) Hopefully even more readers find us now!

Also, we’ve acquired a fancy new banner from good sir Danny Prescott! Check it out at the front of the shop at your leisure.

The coming year means that we’ll keep doing our thing, and hopefully add more systems to our DCC/OSR heavy catalogue. Suggestions for content are always welcome, as are articles and art (check the contributor guidelines here if you’re interested).

Onwards to bigger and better things!



Header image by the excellent Danny Prescott.