Patron: Golsimea, the Coming Change

Golsimea, the Coming Change is the scorched land’s promise of a fertile field. She is the chaotic bowels of the earth giving birth to a diamond and the young adventurer’s broken arm teaching a valuable lesson on the path to glory. Golsimea, the Coming Change was the centerpiece patron of a mini-campaign we played last […]

Spell: Witches’ Brew

Rats and bats and cats and snails And little babies’ fingernails You take a pot and brew it all Plotting for your foe to fall This week’s piece is a 1st level alternative for Make potion. I’m not a fan of the original, as it seems overly convoluted to cast, but Witches’ Brew is not […]

Bobugbubilz, the Demon Lord of Amphibians

Bobugbubilz, the Demon Lord of Amphibians, He Who is Hard to Name, Ruler of Frog Hell is an ancient, demonic deity. He holds dominion over all amphibian creatures, whether sapient or not, and his domain meets the mundane world wherever dry land gives way to deceptive marshes, fens and bogs. This week’s piece continues our […]

Spell – Grave Ward

Invoking the ancient signs and phrases of warding the caster shields the target from the sepulchral gaze of Death itself. This week’s piece is a counter for the Litany of Death I wrote up a few weeks ago (available here). Again, the spell is primarily designed with clerics in mind, but is available to wizards […]

Crom, the Uncaring

Crom sits on his mountain Woe to whoever calls his name This has been sitting on my worktable for a while. Crom, the Uncaring has been a part of my pantheon since we started playing, but a cleric for an uncaring god was more than a little daunting to write up. Of course, this might […]

Spell – Litany of Death

“Lo, he spoke the Word And without hesitation or resistance Those opposing his God fell dead Their souls severed from their mortal coils” Excerpt from the annals of Kevan Longmoor, the Grand Undertaker of Malotoch This week’s piece is a new spell, mainly written with clerics in mind, but also available to high level wizards. […]