Armand’s Emporium of Armor and Weapons

“The Alley of Steel is a loud place. The constant clang of the forges and the shouts of salesmen hawking their wares forms a wall of cacophony, enough to confuse anyone not used to the City.

But at a hidden dead-end stands a quiet shop, with no shingle marking the establishment. It is there for those in the know, and indeed, needs no advertisement: Armand has everything, from the curved blades of delicate steel forged by the veiled smith-eunuchs of the eastern deserts, to the crude heavy flails used by the crazed wildling hordes in the far north.

Some even say that Armand has a hidden back room of fabled items, made from mysterious materials and metals unknown to most smiths, but this might as well be a fable, for your meager take from the last dungeon certainly isn’t enough to trade for such treasures.”

For better or for worse, I like having a bunch of variety in the weapons available to my players. I find that picking a cool, signature weapon adds a nice pinch of flavour to any reaver, sneak-thief or delver of dark places. The list in the rulebook is a little limited for my taste, so I expanded it.

Additionally, there are a lot of references to various weapon materials and such in the rulebook and dungeon modules, but the mechanical implications and pricing system of this content isn’t covered all that extensively.

So, I made an extended list for use in our games, along with a price table for some materials. Everything can be found below in the PDF.



Extended weapon, armor and material lists for DCC