Tavern Names 101

“Yeh ever been ta the Screaming Duckling? Up on the east side? Yea, tha’s the one! Awesome ale they got there, but stay outta the bogs, I hear they’s haunted by a shit-daemon! Ha! Wha’s aboot the Rough Arse? Down the Southway? Yea, the one with the one armed barmaid. Blimey, she’ll give ya a […]

Aristemis, the Insightful One

“Two paths emerge from a gnarly wood worry fills the roaming king he wails and wanes beyond his hood but answers only the wind then bares his hands and says a prayer to his goddess, insightful one and the paths bow and tell him where he finds his long lost love” – The Song of […]

The Stars, They Tell of Gods

“When you look up to the night sky, the universe unfolds in a void of shadow and light. The pretty lights blink at your befuddled eyes. But for one skilled in reading the message in the stars, the war between Chaos and Law is clear to see, with the positions of the constellations counting score […]

Morgon, the God of Torture and Bodily Fluids

”Eat”, the beady-eyed halfing said and nudged the plate of beef and vegetables closer to you, ”One needs to eat to grow strong. Meat is good for your blood. Greens are good for your bile.” You were really lucky to find this small cabin in the wilds. Haflings are always so warm and generous. The […]

Cadixtat, Chaos Titan

“Cadixtat, Chaos Titan and the Lord of the Five-Pointed Forge stands atop his crucible, petrified for all time. Was he to awaken, the world would be driven into fire and disarray, the likes of which have not been seen since the First Wars. Despite his seeming inaction, his shadow falls on the world, haunting the […]

Nimlurun, the God of Disease and Filth

“First, there was just a hacking cough. Then the shivers came, as a fever rose and forced you to stop working the docks. Finally your joints swelled into formless lumps. You’d contracted jointcackle. With your meager savings dwindling you were left with one option: to petition for help from the strange cult in the sewers. […]