Review Week!

The Knights in the North have been up and running for a half a year! Hoo-rah! To celebrate, I’ve updated the site icon with a shiny, new logo from Danny Prescott. Keep your eyes peeled for more art from him, we’ve got a few pieces stashed away just waiting for the article that’ll do them […]

Spell – Phandaal’s Gyrator

“From his mouth gushed the syllables of Phandaal’s Gyrator Spell. The Deodand was jerked off his feet and flung high in the air, where he hung whirling, high and low, faster and slower, up to the tree-tops, low to the ground.” – Mazirian The Magician

Patron – Hidden Lord, God of Secrets

“Wizards, sorcerers and witches have an unending thirst for hidden knowledge. It is thus no surprise that the God of Secrets is willing to deal with them, offering patronage and power to those who dare to step closer to his hooded form. Supplicants would serve well to be wary though, as Hidden Lord is himself […]

Carousing Table – Thief

The fourth and final of my carousing tables for DCC RPG; I made this one for Thieves, Halflings and other ruffians…the entries represent not so much “pure” carousing as the General Carousing Table, but rather criminal activities of various descriptions.

Ildavir, Goddess of Nature

“You’d do well to pay heed to Ildavir, if you’re traveling through the Wild! She’s everywhere: in the trees, the animals, even the grass sways for her glory. I hear Old Gubbins met her last year, when ‘e was on a trapping run up Bearclaw Gorge. Says she came out of the woods, bold as […]

Carousing Table – Wizard

Here you can find the third and penultimate of my carousing tables for DCC RPG. I made this one for Wizards, Elves and possible other arcane spellcasters…as with the Thief Carousing Table and Cleric Carousing Table, the entries represent not so much “pure” carousing as the General Carousing Table, but rather a mixture of thaumaturgic drinking and […]

Malotoch, the Carrion Crow God

“Some people say building gibbets at crossroads is just a way to humiliate doomed criminals further, to let passing travelers know that the region is ruled and protected by the laws of a stout lord. This may surely be the case now, but originally the habit of leaving the judged dead for the crows was […]