Month: March 2018

The satyrs are here!

“From the forest they all came! Proud of heart, quick to revel! And their dance, will stop NEVER!” This has been a long while coming, but I finally finished the rules for satyrs as a DCC race!

Full Body Hit Locations

“Hey, while adventuring, you’re likely to get hurt. Like HURT hurt. Real bad. You sure you’re up for it?”

Servants & Services

“Swords, spells and tools only get you so far! A smart delver knows when to hire some ‘elp, and never goes into a cave all by their lonesome.” I ran Gnole House (from the DCC RPG Quick Start PDF, available here) for my Monday group last week, and despite the desperately remote location of the …

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Judge’s Checksheet

“Lotsa things can ‘appen to a delver, under the mountain or in the forgotten places. Some get set on fire, some fall down ‘oles. Others come back blind, crippled, or worse! You’d do best to stay at home boy, tendin’ the turnips an’ sloppin’ the pigs.” I don’t use a Judge’s screen: I let the …

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