Month: April 2018

Additions for the god Bailey

In this first installment of what shall likely be a series, you can find my additional tables/rules (Lay on Hands side-effects, disapproval results, suggested spells) for the god Bailey, from the brilliant campaign setting Hubris by Mike Evans. I have followed the deity entry format used in the Divinities & Cults sourcebooks by OSRDAN Games. Pip …

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Kestrel’s Tools & Tinctures

“There’s a shady alleyway, hidden in the backstreets, beyond rowdy bars and other questionable establishments. In this alley, there’s a little door. If you know how to knock just right, someone might open it, and let you into a warehouse full of odd contraptions, vials, satchels and bottles. And, provided your pockets are deep enough, …

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A System for 20 PC Levels

Especially new players to DCC RPG sometimes complain about their perceived “too slow” character progression or the long intervals between levelling up. Here I offer a (largely illusionary) solution to silence them. My system boils down to giving the PCs a chance of increasing one of their Ability scores (plus a few extra HPs) upon …

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Monster – Aarni

”A spirit or dragon, which is believed to be lying atop buried treasure. Aarni is seen cleaning and polishing his mouldy treasures in forests and on hill-slopes; often he is heard clinking his gold crowns when he is favourable to some melancholic worshipper of money. [Aarni’s] temple was a room in an ash-grove, where trees …

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It’s about DAMN time!

Last autumn I submitted an article for the next edition of D.A.M.N. magazine, and it’s finally here! My text considers Ar-Mammon, a demon-patron specially made for greedy wizards. Cheers, AMP D.A.M.N. Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 on DriveThruRPG BUY ZINE Visit Mystic Bull Games VISIT SITE

The Muck Pit

“In the dark, dank places of the world ferments the Great God Morgon, his unknowable thirst stirring the juices of men, his syrupy essence calling for torture and pain.”

Curses, foiled again!

A bakers dozen of fiendish misadventures… The concept of “The Curse” is a staple in most fantasy literature, so it’s only natural that at times it gets an outing in our favourite RPG games. Dungeon Crawl Classics’s Appendix C gives us a few example curses to inflict on our hapless players, and this is a …

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Contributor Guidelines

After actually receiving a few inquiries concerning contributing to the site, I came to the conclusion that I should write down some guidelines for article content, for later reference. Read more below, if this interests you!