Month: June 2018

The Rod of Power

“Now, how to describe a horrible malformation of reality. No bard can sing the song, no sage can tell the story There are no words, only emotions. And all of the emotions are… YES MASTER.” It’ll be exceedingly entertaining to see how my two groups manage this season’s end with the divided bits of the …

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Creostrax, Goddess of Excess

“The pleasures of flesh, the singing whips of lust! Greed and gluttony incarnate, the joyous abandon of bloody rage! All that is visceral, the domain of Creostrax!”

Patron and Deity Demands

“I saw that man, y’know, one ‘a the weird ones who came ta town las’ Monday. ‘E climbed the highest steeple of tha temple, an’ sat there for hours, wit’ them pigeons… Methinks the town’d be better without that lot, no matter ‘ow much gold they bring in…” I’ve two DCC games I run, one …

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Daenthar, the Mountain Lord

“Earth, industry and advancement: Daenthar’s temple is the gleaming pinnacle of science combined with divine inspiration; his priesthood is the forefront of the future for us all! Strike the earth! It’s bounty is for you to conquer, food for your burning forge!”

How to fill the time between delves?

“Did’ja see the guys coming back from the Wild? They had scars, like thiiis long, an’ were covered in a weird sorta glow! All’a ’em!  Go check ’em out, I dare ya! They’re all holed up in tha Sweaty Pig, on the bad side o’ town. I’ll give ya a copper if ya dare!”