Month: August 2018

The Elven Knight

“‘E were ‘aughty as all hell! Paid in queer coin too! ‘An talked to ‘is ‘orse!” Due to popular demand, here are the rules for an elven knight in DCC!

Five Magical Brews

“Aye, well of course we’ve a pint for you… whatever you are. Sir. Nevermind the tail, we don’ judge o’er ‘ere. Gran’ma Crooks ‘as  a ‘alf-dozen tentacles. Livin’ in ‘er ‘ouse! ‘Cats!’ she says, but them’s tentacles if I’ve ever seen ’em… But with that bit of coin, well… ‘Ere’s the ‘ouse specialty!”

Review week 2: The Son of Review Week!

Time flies when you’re crawling in a festering dungeon, and its once again time for a review of past articles. I’ll be going through my own posts from this spring and summer, updating and editing articles as I go along. Full list of updates beyond the jump. Cheers, AMP

A Knightly Anniversary!

“The Lance trundles along triumphantly. What had once been a single knightly form, drunkenly slouched upon a tired destrier has grown into a prolific force sporting many different banners! Let the windmills of the world be wary, for here come the Knights in the North!” It is the first anniversary of the site! We’ve grown …

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Shul, God of the Moon

“The moon is barren, the moon is old The moon is knowing, the moon is cold Its light’s a mirror And moves our souls”