Month: February 2019

The Rogue

“A cutpurse, cutthroat, swindler, murderer and liar: the rogue is a shadowy figure, a blade in the dark and a wink to the knowing watcher. Utilizing subterfuge and dexterity, they survive and prosper in the dark, where direct methods fail and crooked tricks are the key to success.” The rogue is my re-imagining of the …

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Alternate Spell Combat

“When wizards make war the earth trembles, the sky screams, and reality buckles.” I’ve voiced my irritation over the DCC spell duel rules multiple times in the past, and stated that it’s the most likely thing I’ll rewrite eventually. Well, that eventually is now. The root of the problem here is that my group recently …

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The Ice Aurochs

“They walk the floes, never stop. They are cold meat, blood of ice. They die, we eat. Always less, herds never grow.” – Geskarr, northern barbarian This week’s article on KitN was communally created on the DCC RPG Facebook group (link here). It continues the frosty theme of recent weeks, as the north is covered …

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