Choranus, the Seer Father

It will be as the Father saw it. – a common Choranite blessing Here we are: KitN has deity details for all of the gods in the DCC rulebook. That’s done. Woop-fucking-woop. Choranus was especially difficult to write, as an all seeing originator deity is very far from my personal range of beliefs, and I […]

The Deceiver Cat

Here’s a little tidbit to tide you guys over as we’re working on edits on old articles and some next steps for the site as a whole. Deceiver cats are tricky and dangerous felines, stalking the steppes and dungeons of distant lands. This piece was actually written backwards: I drew the picture first, and Ville […]

Review week 4: is dead, long live!

As per usual, it’s time for our week-long hiatus to review the last six months, week out the worst typos, and revamp the stuff we’ve had a chance to test out. Also, the old site is officially dead now, and it will never come back. Send your friends here, to for all your content […]