A Wizard is never late, but a Knight might be

This is a bit of a heads up post to all of our regular readers: things may slow down over here for a bit.

Right now I’m fighting off a particularly persistent flu, hopefully not affiliated with the current global pandemic. I’m also dealing with a course of pretty corticosteroids for my chronic lung condition. Both of the above have really killed my creativity, especially with the threat of ending up in a respirator due to COVID-19 looming above everything. Additionally, I’m working on moving house during the next few weeks, which is of course quite difficult what with everyone self-quarantining themselves. We’ve even cancelled all of our home games to limit exposure to contaminants.

Consequently, articles might be a little late for a while. Or they might not, as writing tends to be my go-to stress relief. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. But anyone who’s stayed with us for any amount of time should know that we will eventually deliver – things might be late, but they are not cancelled.

Now would actually be a great time to send us a draft of any home game stuff you have lying around: we are an open forum for people to share their stuff with others rather than just leaving it in a desk drawer somewhere. Check out our contributor guidelines here.

I hope everyone stays safe and calm until this too passes.