Advanced DCC RPG Rules

Apparently there exist some people/Judges/players who have wished for “advanced” DCC RPG rules. Those who do not feel content with the bare-bones approach to skills, combat and whatnot in our Goodmanly Sacred Tome of Rules. Those who, for some benighted reason, have heeded not the Dark Master’s words to the effect of “incorporate what fiddly mechanics thou seest fit to fill in the blanks”, but look upon others to do so.

For what it is worth, I hereby present most of my own house rules for a more “fiddly” DCC RPG game, ones that I use in my present campaign as the omnipotent Judge. Feel free to use none, some or all of the mechanics in the included, somewhat lengthy, PDF document. Some of them be the fruits of my personal fevered phantasy, whilst others are unceremoniously gleaned from forum postings (seeking the authors’ permission) and various D&D iterations, without shame or apology.

EDIT (01/07/2019): I updated the PDF (under the final section “Further Fiddliness”) to include lifestyle expenses and madness rules, as well as removed the previous references to the WIS attribute…for after playtesting it proved to be superfluous to DCC RPG.

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