Ahriman, Lord of Death

“Bound to his throne of skulls

Ahriman sits

Lord of the barren Void

Death is eternal

Life is a mirage”

One of my newer players made up a fanatical assassin character, and requested the rules for Ahriman so as to get into the proper hashishin mood. So I promptly obliged.

Note that this version of Ahriman diverges from the suggestion in the rulebook: I’ve moved the domain of disease to Nimlurun, and made Ahriman a borderline neutral god (since I feel that death itself is quite a neutral part of existence).

I’m also playing around with the trope of a reluctant ruler: Ahriman is originally a demon lord, tricked to take over the neutral position of the God of Death. This makes him quite interesting for my current campaign, since the Rod of Power (see the relevant article I posted a few weeks ago) would give a fanatical worshiper of Ahriman enough power to free their god, leaving the Throne of Skulls empty, and re-imagining Ahriman as a powerful chaotic deity of desolation and scheming… We live in interesting times!



DCC deity – Ahriman, Lord of Death


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