Ancestral Memory

You walk a path few have traveled

Let it lead you to greatness

As it did those who came before

– pictogram inscription on Ancestral Memory

Macuahuitl are ancient Mesoamerican club-swords (you can read more about them here). I’ve always thought they are cool, and would certainly want one of my own. And the concept of a magical weapon that contains the histories of its previous wielders is certainly an interesting one as well. So putting those two ideas together we get Ancestral Memory, this week’s little addition to the DCC armory of artefacts.

And with this post we are more or less up to date! I can’t promise that future articles won’t be late, but hopefully we’ll be able to move forward with our usual one-post-a-week schedule from now on.

Stay safe, stay healthy.



DCC Artefact – Ancestral Memory


Illustration by the One Who Drew Before, Joni Kesti.