Announcing: AMP’s Judging Challenge 2020!

Boredom is a terrible thing. I’ve been pretty much housebound recently, with the voluntary self-quarantine and social distancing in general, and that sucks. So last week I had the epiphany that if most other people are living in similar moods globally maybe we can make this work for our advantage, somehow?

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself by running a session every day of the week for a full week. I think the best I’ve managed so far is 5/7 days. Of course I’ve done the 12-hour-marathon session and the 48-hours-of-gaming bits, but running a game 7 days a week has been beyond my capabilities so far. So I’ve decided to try to do just that, and you’re all invited (as long as spots remain).

Below is a preliminary timetable for the games. I was originally planning on doing this earlier in May, but decided to push back a few weeks in order to give me more time to prepare AND to give everyone interested a decent chance to juggle schedules so joining up is a little easier.

The games will happen through Google Hangouts, so all you need to join is a mic and an internet connection. A webcam, access to Discord chat and some dice are also super useful, but not strictly necessary. I’ll provide pre-made character sheets and whatever else is needed. Games are open to everyone interested, but please mention if you’re completely inexperienced so I can take that into account while playing. I’ll be (mostly) running KitN DCC adventures (both unpublished playtest pieces and modules already available on the site).

This schedule is subject to change and updates as I get more solid bookings from people. Generally, we’ll try to start sessions after business hours and play for a rough 3-4 hours. Time zone stuff of course affects this: I’ve set aside the weekend to specifically figure out times that work with American participants. I’m working with a rough 10 hour time difference for more or less anywhere in the Americas so this means that I’ll likely be up at some odd hours for these games. That said, if anyone on that side of the pond wants to ruin their sleep schedule to play with us they are more than welcome to join any of the EU time zoned sessions as well.

MONDAY 25th of May:    DCC (or possibly something lighter) in Finnish, local time. This the best slot for Finnish first timers. Game to be decided based on participants.

TUESDAY 26th of May:    DCC in Finnish/English depending on participants, EU time zones. I’ll be running Ravines of Rankwood, a classic (though yet to be published) 1st level forest adventure.

WEDNESDAY 27th of May (GAME FULL):   DCC home campaign game with the usual suspects.

THURSDAY 28th of May:   DCC in English, EU time zones. I’ll be running The Muck Pit , a 2nd level romp with disgusting, gross halflings, written by our very own Ville Rahkila.

FRIDAY 29th of May (GAME FULL):   CYBER/RUN home campaign game with the usual suspects.

SATURDAY 30th of May, 4:00 PM  CDT (GAME FULL):   DCC in English, American time zones. The module is The Slasher of Southshore, an unpublished urban funnel adventure based on a mass-murder mystery.

SUNDAY 31st of May:   DCC in English, American time zones. We’ll finish off the week with Escape of the Serf-Drones, an unpublished weird fiction tournament funnel!

If you’re interested in joining in please send an email to  and we’ll confirm your booking. I would ask anyone who showed early interest to do this as well, so as to make coordination a little easier for me. I’ll do my best to manage actual play times and session details based on what easiest for everyone involved.




Illustration by the quite magnificent Joni Kesti.