Shadows in the Sanctum!

“Us dwarves, we’re good with the caves. I mean, we live underground, can see in the dark, what’s there to be afraid of? But we still carry a lantern with us, everywhere we go. Why, you ask? Well, would you like a shadow following you home?”

Zuppie’s DCC RPG Homebrew Fumble Tables

“Prithee, Sir Warrior, thou wouldst call thyself full-bodied & able; yet thou didst just shew a Vulgar Display Of Blunder, which hath put our party entire in sad & saucy peril!” “Nay, thou fond Wizard, I have merely become Discombobulated for the nonce!”

Pelagia, Goddess of the Sea

“Ye, the sea looks like a bride today doesn’t she? Cold, unforgiving and smells like fish! HARHARHAA!”

Justicia, Goddess of Justice and Mercy

“Did’ja hear? Ol’ Hannah, from Squalid’s Row, y’know ‘er, she went to the church of the two-faced law god, whas’er name… Juhsticia! Yea, thassit. Justicia. She went right up there, stood bare-bucking-nekkid in fronta the big scales at the altar, and demanded justice for alla the raglings and droogs living in Squalid’s hellholes. Now, Mr. …

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Random Encounters, in a Weird World

“Hitting the road, with your wagons and followers in tow, you wonder what the winding way has stored for you this time? Wolves? Trolls? Something altogether more sinister? There’s no way to know. You can only push forward. And that is precisely why you push through this bleak landscape. To surprise yourself. There was nothing …

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Tavern Names 101

“Yeh ever been ta the Screaming Duckling? Up on the east side? Yea, tha’s the one! Awesome ale they got there, but stay outta the bogs, I hear they’s haunted by a shit-daemon! Ha! Wha’s aboot the Rough Arse? Down the Southway? Yea, the one with the one armed barmaid. Blimey, she’ll give ya a …

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Aristemis, the Insightful One

“Two paths emerge from a gnarly wood worry fills the roaming king he wails and wanes beyond his hood but answers only the wind then bares his hands and says a prayer to his goddess, insightful one and the paths bow and tell him where he finds his long lost love” – The Song of …

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