Sanctum Secorum

The Sanctum of Space!

The inaugural post for the new year is another collaboration with the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Check out the space dwarf race in the companion volume, along with other excellent content! The space dwarves are actually based on a really vivid dream I had a few months back. I’ll eventually work them out to a full …

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The Song from the Sanctum

I recently contributed my take on a DCC bard class to the Sanctum Secorum Companion zine. I’m pretty happy with it, so go take a look and a listen through the links! Cheers, AMP Sanctum Secorum episode #35: Hundra LISTEN EPISODE Sanctum Secorum ep. #35 companion on DriveThruRPG DOWNLOAD ZINE

Sanctum of Hyperborea!

“The hyperboreans are an ancient, antediluvian race, who ruled the world back when the earliest men were still but mewling apes. Their civilization was brought low by a dimension-spanning curse, a creeping doom from beyond the lurid veils of reality. For the hyperboreans were wizard-kings, molding reality with forgotten magics, and consorting with all manner …

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The Sign of the Sanctum

“The past is a vaunted wonderland of hidden secrets. Whoever digs deep enough can uncover them. But beware! The arcana of the past is not without danger!”

Shadows in the Sanctum!

“Us dwarves, we’re good with the caves. I mean, we live underground, can see in the dark, what’s there to be afraid of? But we still carry a lantern with us, everywhere we go. Why, you ask? Well, would you like a shadow following you home?”