Spell – Grave Ward

Invoking the ancient signs and phrases of warding the caster shields the target from the sepulchral gaze of Death itself. This week’s piece is a counter for the Litany of Death I wrote up a few weeks ago (available here). Again, the spell is primarily designed with clerics in mind, but is available to wizards […]

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Spell – Litany of Death

“Lo, he spoke the Word And without hesitation or resistance Those opposing his God fell dead Their souls severed from their mortal coils” Excerpt from the annals of Kevan Longmoor, the Grand Undertaker of Malotoch This week’s piece is a new spell, mainly written with clerics in mind, but also available to high level wizards.

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Alternate Spell Combat

“When wizards make war the earth trembles, the sky screams, and reality buckles.” I’ve voiced my irritation over the DCC spell duel rules multiple times in the past, and stated that it’s the most likely thing I’ll rewrite eventually. Well, that eventually is now. The root of the problem here is that my group recently

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Magic Trick!

“Did’ja see the wizzard up in tha pub las’ night? ‘E musta been one of the most powerful wizzards ever! E’ summoned shadows right there, an’ set Alexei’s hair on fire by snappin’ his fingers!” I’m not a big fan of how the small magics available to arcane practitioners have been handled in Dungeon Crawl

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A Thing from the Between-Spaces

“Worlds exist, this we know. And between them, something else. A non-space, limitless and incomprehensible. Not a dimension, but the lack of it. In that unfathomable realm, things float. And watch. And wait.” This weeks article is a double whammy: an eldritch, existential, ectoplasmic patron from beyond, and a magic item to introduce it to

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Breathe Un-life

“We went to the tower in the east woods las’ week. Y’know, the one they say was abandoned by a wizard a few years back? Figured it was time to see if anythin’ was left be’ind by the freak who used ta live there. Was a bad move of course. Never meddle in the affairs

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A Field Guide to Giant Man-Apes

“Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch…these names refer to things seldom seen and often feared. Their forms and colorations are as varied as the names used to describe them. Giant creatures that often live in isolated wilderness, but sometimes come into conflict with civilization. Even when in contact they are often described with a timidity that

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