Cyber Sprawl Classics: Extended Occupations

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Roy Batty (Blade Runner, 1982)

This is an extended occupation list for Cyber Sprawl Classics, the excellent cyberpunk hack for DCC. I urge everyone to check out the actual zine as well, since the piece won’t be of much use without the original material. It’s available for free over here.

This is actually sort of a side effect of another project I’m working on currently. I want to run a narrative style game in something akin to the world of Shadowrun, and due to the current circumstances I have to do it online. This presents me with a few problems (mainly the fact that I just don’t like the actual rules for Shadowrun), which I’ve ended up solving by attempting to hack together bits and pieces from various systems I’ve played over the years. The piece I drafted from DCC is the occupation/funnel system, so I needed a to make a table of occupations, and then took some time to polish it to work with the original source material as well. We’ll see what happens with the system I’m drafting, I may end up posting it on KitN eventually.

Stay safe and healthy!



Cyber Sprawl Classics – Extended Occupations


Illustration by the very on-the-nose Joni Kesti.