DCC RPG Character Sheet

Bloody Hell! I spent many a day making this optimal maximal best-so-far usable-for-all-Character-Classes DCC RPG Character Sheet in Photoshop…for I see myself as an audio guy (plus a creative-writer-whilst-drunk) and not a graphic designer by any stretch of the fevered imagination. If you enjoy groovy marginalia/winding art, DIY while your Judge goes on a descriptive tirade and/or introduces her favourite I-would-like-to-be-a-player-but-nobody-is-arsed-to-GM-but-me-NPC. Enjoy the fruits of my pain/tears/other excrections. Now in good ol’ PDF format!

Some notes on the sheet, should you require any:

WIS: Feel free to ignore this Attribute, as it is a carry-over from D&D which we nonetheless use at my table.

Alignment: Fill in a single letter, or two if your gaming group opts for the 9 classic AD&D ones.

Skills: Thief abilities and/or actual skills e.g. from my “Advanced” DCC RPG Rules.

Spells: List in freehand, in charmingly 70’s fashion, your spell-using PC’s repertoire, with “MM” for Mercurial Magic table numerical entries.

Cheers for fears,


General superior DCC RPG Char Sheet


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  1. How can I open a csd file with Adobe Reader? I am using Windows 10. Thanks!

  2. Is there anyway to download this in another manner. I tried looking for said software and couldn’t figure it out. It’s the best DCC character sheet I’ve found.

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