Grakkhui, the Devolving End

Did you hear the news about Edward?
On the back of his head he had another face
Was it a woman's face or a young girl?
They said to remove it would kill him
So poor Edward was doomed
Tom Waits - Poor Edward (Alice, 2002)

This week we continue with another patron provided by Ville Rahkila. Grakkhui is the logical antithesis of Golsimea, the Coming Change. Ville ran an excellent mini campaign that revolved around the contrast between these two approaches to change, and the intrinsic dance of birth and entropy within chaos itself.

We players of course did our best to devolve the whole thing into fart jokes and puns, but the philosophical implications were present regardless.

In other news, my personal little mountain was climbed successfully: I managed to run 7 games in 7 days, and have been feeling much better for it! I’d like to thank everyone who joined in, and will certainly be doing more online sessions in the future.



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  1. ¡Seven games in seven days! That’s impressive (and not too healthy).

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