Hallartaal, the Hallowmane

Hallartaal wills it so, and so will it be.

Happy (belated) Pride Month everyone!

I did mean to post this article back in June already, but seems like the summer has taken me. In addition to the ambient stress of the pandemic and everything else, the weather has been really nice in Finland over the last few months, and we just decided to take some time off of everything. Joni is still lost somewhere up in the forests of the ultimate north!

Hallartaal is a patron of great import in my version of the Elfland, and our core group actually met him during their travels there. He may need a little tweaking if you like your unicorns all fluffy and nice, but I’m sure any Judge worth their salt can change the details within to fit their world.

We’ll make an effort to catch up on our releases over the coming weeks, and we do have a bunch of cool stuff in the pipeline. As usual, we thank you for your patience, and apologize for the delay.



Illustration by the illustrious Joni Kesti (colorized by yours truly).