How to fill the time between delves?

“Did’ja see the guys coming back from the Wild? They had scars, like thiiis long, an’ were covered in a weird sorta glow! All’a ’em! 

Go check ’em out, I dare ya! They’re all holed up in tha Sweaty Pig, on the bad side o’ town. I’ll give ya a copper if ya dare!”

Between dungeons, my games run by these rough downtime rules. I mostly made them to guarantee that everyone had a say in the downtime activities: playing downtime in sort of “turn order” seems to guarantee that everyone’s active characters have room to shine even outside of the dungeon.

These rules have resulted in pit fights, the creation of weird artifacts, and a lamprey-man incursion (read more of that in The Chronicle of Erayo), so the system seems to work.

Details in the PDF, feedback welcome. The rules are super easy to translate to other systems, since the base idea just makes all players take turns to describe what they want to do in town.



DCC rules – Downtime Activities


Article art by the astounding Joni Kesti.