Kestrel’s Tools & Tinctures

“There’s a shady alleyway, hidden in the backstreets, beyond rowdy bars and other questionable establishments. In this alley, there’s a little door. If you know how to knock just right, someone might open it, and let you into a warehouse full of odd contraptions, vials, satchels and bottles.

And, provided your pockets are deep enough, you might even walk out of there with a sortiment of odd items, surely useful in your next foray into the wild.

Where is it you ask? Buggered if I know!”

Here is a comprehensive specialist list of all sorts of tools and tinctures a delver might need: contraptions and gear, alchemical concoctions, healing equipment and poisons.

Both of my groups are growing seasoned enough that they might find the connections to purchase more specialist items for their chosen profession as reavers, delvers and assassins, so I figured I’d better come prepared.



DCC gear – Delver’s Tools & Tinctures


Art courtesy of the inimitable Danny Prescott.

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