Lizardman, lizardman and lizardman.

“Now lookit’ that! ‘E must’ve ran afoul of some powerful magic, that one. All scaly like, and did’ja see the tail? An’ he did’nae want ‘is meat cooked, jus’ ate it raw an bleedin’-like!

Still, ‘e paid like the rest of ’em, with queer, oddly marked silver. As long as ya pay, ya stay, tha’s what me old pa used ta say.

I jus’ wish ‘e would’nae’ve looked at me like that. Them eyes’ll haunt me dreams tonite!”

So, after a few unlikely events, my Wednesday group tamed a lizardman.

The poor bastard was the remnant of a massive fight with a necromanceress, deep in a dungeon somewhere: she’d fumbled for five rounds straight, and as the combat was over, the party took her as a prisoner.

One interrogation/indoctrination montage later, they’d gained her trust, and she became a henchman for a thick-headed elven treewarden, and according to the rules at my table, could advance to level one and become a playable character if enough EXP was funneled to her.

So, in preparation for that inevitability, I’ve prepared the rules for lizardmen as player characters in DCC, attached in the PDF below.

(As I wrote the rules, this clip from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law played in my head, non-stop: Lizardman, Lizardman, and lizardman.)



DCC race – Lizardman


DCC sheet – Lizardman


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