Malotoch, the Carrion Crow God

“Some people say building gibbets at crossroads is just a way to humiliate doomed criminals further, to let passing travelers know that the region is ruled and protected by the laws of a stout lord.

This may surely be the case now, but originally the habit of leaving the judged dead for the crows was a mercy. It was done to let Grandfather Malotoch guide them to their just rewards in the afterlife, to make sure that those misguided souls who had strayed from their path in this life would find their destination in the next.”

I spent my holidays ill with a particularly nasty flu that I’ve only almost recovered from. I did manage to type down the rules for Malotoch, so feel free to avail yourselves to them. I did have a mild fever when writing this, thus I’ll blame any typos on my faulty faculties.

It’s probably relevant to mention that in my campaign Malotoch is a neutral god, whereas the DCC rulebook lists him under chaotic deities. This shouldn’t matter as far as the rules presented here go, but as always, buyer beware.



DCC deity – Malotoch, the Carrion Crow God


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