Marigold’s Wagon of Wondrous Herbs

In a quiet corner of the marketplace there stands a wagon. The proprietor does not shout to hawk their wares, nor is there anything particularly exciting about the rundown carriage, apart for a heady smell of herbs and flowers that lingers in your pallet long after you’ve passed the spot.

But still, those in the know step into the small wooden cabin with large, jingling coin pouches, and walk out with much smaller parcels and bags, apparently happy with their purchases within.”

This article is based on old notes I recently discovered among my archives. Back then, our group contained a druid character, whose player was very much into herbalism and collecting useful plants during travel and downtime.

I seem to have obliged, because I found 24 plants in my 10 year old notebook, complete with descriptions, regions and recipes.

I spent the week translating those arcane specifications, and the PDF below contains 24 fantastic herbs and fungi, with specific rules for use in Dungeon Crawl Classics. However, the greenery is described in enough detail that I think that the document should be useful in other systems besides DCC.



A DCC Herbarium


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