Non-Player Sheet

Big things are afoot in our weekly campaign. All currently active characters are at least level 5, and consequently have the clout and the means to acquire followers and monsters to fight for them. From the faerie followers granted to our halfling graverobber to the scribe hired by our street-thug bard, there’s a lot to track. I’m also juggling a number of powerful NPCs right now, including (but not limited to) four dragons and a body-hopping necromanceress. So I figured that I needed a handy sheet to keep track of this stuff.

Like the sheet itself says, some of the spaces on it won’t be used for every monster. I don’t key most creatures with full statlines for example. But I do think it’s handy to have a space for all that stuff, just in case. So, use it as you see fit! (I have explored this topic earlier, there’s a prototype sort of a sheet included with the Animal Companions article over here.)

Finally, big thanks to our new Squires on Patreon! It means a lot to us that you’re willing to toss your hard earned coins towards our way! Welcome to the Lance!




DCC Sheet – Non-Player Characters