Ostafar’s Odiferous Opprobrium

I bite my thumb at thee, ye simpering vile blaggard!
Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!
Ostafar the Spell-Sage
Sorceror of Sharp Wit and Entropic Epithets

One of the major reasons why we are so damn late with articles and posts now is that I’ve been sort of lacking in inspiration: I burned my Judging energies out with the 7-days-of-7-games week earlier this spring, and haven’t really been running DCC for the previous few months. Consequently, there hasn’t been a lot I’ve needed to write up for the table, and providing my players with usable content is the major motivation for most of what we post each week.

This particular piece came out in a single sitting after Ville introduced me to the wonderful word “opprobrium”: a beautifully convoluted word for what simply boils down to an insult (more detailed definition here). A wizard slinging arcane insults is somehow very fitting for DCC, so writing this piece was surprisingly easy.

We’ll keep catching up to the missed posts in the coming weeks, but I wouldn’t mind content suggestions or guest articles right now, as the old bag-of-inspiration is still a little empty.