Patron: Golsimea, the Coming Change

Golsimea, the Coming Change is the scorched land’s promise of a fertile field. She is the chaotic bowels of the earth giving birth to a diamond and the young adventurer’s broken arm teaching a valuable lesson on the path to glory.

Golsimea, the Coming Change was the centerpiece patron of a mini-campaign we played last year on my break from Judging. I tend to take a few weeks off every summer just to keep things fresh, and Ville usually obliges to handle the gavel on my time off. The campaign was great, and we may even get back to the story soon, as we ended up with a handful of loose ends at the end of it all: my crowing thief fumbled her gambit during the big final showdown, and ended up teleporting herself into a cell on the space elf research vessel… Good times!



DCC Patron – Golsimea, the Coming Change


Illustration by the everchanging Joni Kesti.