Pelagia, Goddess of the Sea

“Ye, the sea looks like a bride today doesn’t she?

Cold, unforgiving and smells like fish! HARHARHAA!”

So here are the cult details for Pelagia, as requested by the lovely readers from the DCC group on Google+.

I’ve spent the last few nights staring out to the Atlantic from the shores of Lisbon, and it was rather hard to imagine the waves as unforgiving. But I did my best!

Next, something else. I’ll take a break from the gods, unless there are more requests obviously. Let it never be said that the Knights shirk from the calls of the needy!



DCC deity – Pelagia, Goddess of the Sea


4 thoughts on “Pelagia, Goddess of the Sea”

  1. Hey there!

    We’re publishing a nautical adventure, The Salty Funnel, which already funded on KS at 459%. Part of it is a pirate theme and some of the PCs are the officers, one of which is a Cleric. We’d like to use Pelagia, and include a link to your site, in the adventure as well as credit you for the creation. Are you alright with this? It’s just one one character sheet in the Pirate add-on for the adventure. We figure why recreate the wheel, or the Goddess of the Sea, when there’s a perfectly good one out there and we should just get permission to use it. :D

    Best Regards,
    Christophor Rick
    2 Old Guys Games.

    1. Hello!

      We’re definitely open to this kind of collaboration and sharing. Could you send an email on the topic to so we can sort out the details? I would certainly like to hear more about the project first.


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