Review Week 5: The Review Week Strikes Back! Again!

This week we’ve been updating old articles with various tweaks and fixes: all in all, 67 mistakes, blunders and problems have been excised from articles published in the last 6 or so months, starting from the module “The Other Side of the Coin” and finishing with last week’s NPC tracker sheets. That’s a total of 28 posts, split into 21 articles, 4 playlists and 3 management announcements. Considering what else I’ve been through during that time things could be a lot worse. We’ve even managed a major site-related milestone by managing to start up our Patreon: shout outs to all of our brave Squires there!

In addition to the usual housekeeping and language edits, I dove a little deeper into our library this time. I may have mentioned this before, but almost everything we post here is untested and unpolished: readers are encouraged to use their own common sense when using our stuff, and very rarely do articles go through any rounds of editing before being posted. But we’ve actually tested a whole bunch of stuff at our own table in the last year or so, and I took this opportunity to apply those updates to older articles. Some of the pieces were actually in the need of some heavy handed revision. Reading your own old texts is a little like looking at a video recording of yourself, so let’s just say that I’m super happy you readers have enjoyed the original articles, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them even more now that they make a little more sense. Check out the list of revised articles here:

Aristemis, the Insightful One: We’ve done a stealth update to the original article a while back, and now I updated the cleric description further based on playtesting. Link to deity notes here.

DCC character sheets: Polished all of the base character sheets, fixed a few dead links. Added a note on canceling corruption by spending Luck on the wizard sheet, a note on buying mithril equipment on the elf sheet, and so on.  Link to the sheets here.

The halfling graverobber: Updated the class and the sheet. We’ve done a bunch of playtesting on the class, and I wanted to add a little power to the little guys. I remember being worried about the class being underpowered to begin with, and it turns out that I was right. Link to the class here.

The satyr: The class has seen some actual use lately, so I updated it extensively based on playtesting. The main changes were major clarifications to the patron bond rules, since the previous set required too much explanation and interpretation even for me, and frankly was not particularly well written. Link to class here.

The elven knight: Similarly to the satyrs, this class has seen some table time since first publication, and I’ve made extensive changes and updates to it based on playtesting. Originally it used a similar patron bond mechanic to the satyrs, and that was just a bad idea. Link to updated class here.

Alternate birth auguries: After rolling over a hundred characters using the new rules (we ran a tournament game this summer and generated the pre-made characters by hand), I found a few glaring errors both in the content and the layout. Find the new and improved version here.

Alternate spell duels: Rewriting the spell combat rules had the desired effect to make them happen more often, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the first version of my alternate rules was still a little too convoluted. I simplified the system considerably now, and it should run much faster than the official one. Link to rules here.

The rogue: I’ve done extensive updates and a proper review on the class. We’ve playtested it quite a bit, and I think it’s running as intended now. Link to class here.

The above list contains some of my absolute favourites on the site, so if you missed them the first time around do go and have a look now. Next week we’re back to our usual fare, with rules for centaurs a playable race for DCC.



Illustration by the inimitable Joni Kesti.