Skorosii, the Burning Bell

the bell, the bell

it calls

the bell, the bell

its blistering roar

when the night has fangs

and the day despairs

the bell, the bell

brings warriors forth

This week’s patron piece is a collaboration between Ville and myself. We try to spend a night writing together every few weeks, since it lets us catch up and usually gets the creative juices flowing better than just staring at your laptop screen all by your lonesome. Basically, Ville brought in the concept and I made sure that it went straight up to 11! We literally chain-wrote the piece in a single sitting, which was a fun experience overall.   I hope you enjoy it as well!

In other news, we are pretty sure that the filthy malware has been driven from our shores, for now at least. We are aware that some virus protection providers apparently blacklisted our site due to the infection, but there’s really nothing we can do about that right now: as far as we understand, we’re clean. Please let us know if you come across anything wonky on the site, so we can smash it as necessary.



DCC Patron – Skorosii, the Burning Bell