Spell – Litany of Death

“Lo, he spoke the Word

And without hesitation or resistance

Those opposing his God fell dead

Their souls severed from their mortal coils”

Excerpt from the annals of Kevan Longmoor,

the Grand Undertaker of Malotoch

This week’s piece is a new spell, mainly written with clerics in mind, but also available to high level wizards. We’ve a number of end-level clerics at my table now, and their spell list in the rulebook is a little limited, so I may need to write up some more spells for the divine endgame.

Also, I’ve always thought that Power Word: Kill is at the same time the only Power Word worth anything, as well as a really irritating spell to face up against, so I wanted to see whether it could be written to be useful for the DCC spell system.



DCC spell – Litany of Death


Illustration by the deathly serious Joni Kesti.