Spell: Witches’ Brew

Rats and bats and cats and snails
And little babies’ fingernails
You take a pot and brew it all
Plotting for your foe to fall

This week’s piece is a 1st level alternative for Make potion. I’m not a fan of the original, as it seems overly convoluted to cast, but Witches’ Brew is not a replacement or rewrite: instead, this spell should work together with the original, offering new options for would-be brewmasters and witches alike.

I’ve made an effort to simplify the required time and materials somewhat: after forcing my campaign group to go through all of the junk they’ve been dragging around for the last few years I came to the conclusion that they might as well have some use for all those severed space elf heads, dragon skulls and ghoul hands. I have a sneaky suspicion that other Judge’s may have similar hoarders sitting at their tables… Also, as always, finding the suitable materials for potion making is an excellent adventure hook.

In other news, summer just started here! It’s acceptably warm even for my sun-loving standards. I expect that posts will be a little late for the next few weeks, as I attempt to suck in enough heat to survive the coming winter.



DCC Spell – Witches’ Brew


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