The Centaurs Are Coming!

Centaurs are a race of wandering tribal nomads. They are most at home on rolling, verdant plains but are known to adapt to many types of environments all over the world. Most centaur tribes trace their ancestry back to the everlasting summer of Elfland, and indomitable centaur chargers are a common sight among the armies of the fae.

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this week’s goodies. I’ve been down with a flu this week (just a regular, garden variety one, I hope) so we’ll just blame Nimlurun for our tardiness and hope that he’ll let me off easy this time.

As our brave adventurers continue their excursion into Elfland to save the King, they meet various denizens of the realm. This week’s piece was quickly written to allow me to add some support NPCs to the party, since the usual rule of “just bring in one of your extra characters” doesn’t work at all at the moment.

Centaurs are a fairly simple class, mostly building on warriors and clerics, but I did include one mechanic that I’m very interested in seeing in action. All centaurs start out as centaur warriors, and eventually their lifepath leads them to a moment of great importance. Should they surmount that hill, they become centaur elders, and gain a semblance of idol magic, essentially becoming cleric type casters for the latter part of their life cycle. As DCC has a great emphasis on questing for power I’m curious to see how building this sort of a shift into a class works out.

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DCC Race – Centaurs


DCC Sheet – Centaur warrior


DCC Sheet – Centaur elder


Illustration by the wild and wonderful Joni Kesti.