The Darkenfly Storm

"The lucky ones simply saw a shadow and heard its wail, as those who perceived the true form of the eldritch insects were instantly driven to panic and insanity."
"Conquest of the Wastelands"
by Elberforn Fitzpatrick III

(This piece should have come out on November 8th 2020.)

This week’s piece is based on a dream I had recently. I think the stress of the zeitgeist is getting to me…

The darkenfly storm is suitable as a story-hook, or even an end boss event for an adventure, or simply a random encounter for a group traveling in a suitably forlorn geographical location. Its origins are intentionally left quite vague, so that Judges can more easily slip it into their world and narrative.

Credit for the illustration goes to our newest Knight, Jussi Pylkäs. Please consider supporting us on Patreon, every donation keeps the Lance going!

Stay healthy, stay safe.