The Drowning

"Ye better not mess with the priests of the Bitch Queen of the Sea!
They'll drown ye with a wink!"
- some good advice from an able seaman -

This is my answer to two things: the age old question of “Can I Create Water into his lungs?” which inevitably comes up if any clever player has access to the cantrip in question; and the distinct lack of combat oriented cleric spells in DCC. I’ve always thought that clerics of oceanic deities and water witches in general should have access to such an effect, gruesome as it is.

This is a pretty powerful spell, but at least it should allow characters to get some payback for all of those certainly-lethal swim checks they keep encountering.

In other news, the autumn is officially here, so we should be able to keep to a more stringent publishing schedule. Review week is coming up soon though, so that may take some wind out of our sails in the near future. But as everyone, we’ll take things one day at a time.