The Eelhound

“Much like the owlbear, the eelhound is an abomination of the natural order. Its origins have been accredited to witch and wizard alike, with the most extreme theories blaming a maleficent sea goddess for the creation of the ferocious beast. Whatever the truth, sailors on our northern seas will do well to avoid confrontation with packs of these perilous creatures.”

– “Boreal Explorations pt.I”
by James of the Invisible Hand

Everybody likes owlbears, but have you met the eelhounds yet?

I have a theory that the best way to generate (OSR) dungeon crawler monsters is to combine two seemingly contradictory animals, and throw a bunch of magical powers at them. The storkmantis, the ferrethawk, the crabsnake, all equally terrifying and unpleasant just by the name alone. This may be a concept that I’ll explore more later, if I can find the time.

The summer is almost over here in the North, and we’re slowly shifting back to our regular schedule. We should have some cool stuff out for you guys by the years end.



DCC Monster – Eelhound