The Elven Knight

“‘E were ‘aughty as all hell! Paid in queer coin too! ‘An talked to ‘is ‘orse!”

Due to popular demand, here are the rules for an elven knight in DCC!

I’ll likely get to test drive the class soon, as I’ve managed to roll an elven mariner, whose first ride out was getting abducted by space elves, and she survived! More on that later, if this path holds….

In other news, I’ve been on Judge’s leave. I managed five sessions this week (WHFRP, Swords & Wizardry, DCC, LotFP and DCC), and I’m overjoyed that I’ve managed to inspire both of my groups enough for the games to continue even if I’m taking some time off from the gavel.

Astute readers may note the old banner art having an outing as the header for the article: yes, this piece has been “in the works” as long as I’ve ran the blog. And yes, Sami will make more art for us, as soon as he masters the art of sculpting form into reality.



EDIT 31/8/18: I’ve uploaded a new version of the PDFs after we noticed a few glaring errors in the first draft. Tabletesting is useful!

DCC race – Elven Knight


DCC sheet – Elven Knight


Art by the Elder Draftsman of the Lance, Sami Kuopusjärvi.