The Lance Rides Again!

Happy New Year dear readers! The Lance is back!

In short, we’ll be concluding our three month hiatus here, and heading into 2021 with a few changes.

To get into a little more detail about the state of things and what’s to come: 2020 pretty much ground me down. I’d been simply surviving with the pandemic crap and personal health issues for most of the year, and barely managing a post here every week or so, and then I got a game design job at the start of October. This meant that it was absolutely impossible to keep my head above water with everything going on, and unfortunately had to start the cut with stuff that’s not absolutely essential to my survival. Despite forming a larger community, KitN is essentially a one man operation – if I’m down, we’re not posting. And I don’t want to make burnouts a yearly thing.

But, now we’re back – with a few changes to the procedure. Mainly, we’ll be shifting over to a bi-weekly publishing schedule: instead of posting every week, we’ll put out content every two weeks or so. This is to eventually lighten the load enough to allow us to work on some actual module publications and source books. The change will be gradual though: for the first half of the year (or so) we’ll still be posting every week, since I want to provide our fans with the “missing articles” from the end of last year – we have a small but faithful group of Patreon supporters, who certainly deserve their fare, whatever else is going on with us or the site. These missing articles will be backdated to last year, mostly because I’m a pedantic little punk.

Content-wise we hope to keep to the standards already set with our previous posts, although you may see stuff outside of our general DCC-focused fare. I’ve been eyeing my copy of MCC with intent recently, and since the virtual reality game I’m working on is set in a dieselpunk weird west world some of that might spill over to my work on KitN as well.

As a final note, I’d like to doubly thank our Patreon supporters for making this possible. I know it’s been a hard stretch for all of us, but the fact that all of our server and upkeep costs for 2020 could be comped with Patreon funds was certainly a high point in an otherwise challenging year. You know who you are, and I think you’re great!

Stay tuned for next weekend, when we’re introducing you to an absolute abomination – a spell-slinging dwarf for DCC!

Stay safe, stay healthy!