The Lyre of Discord

"The Lyre of Discord is an artefact of the Elfland, a beautiful instrument of wrought gold and filigree. Its glimmering form hides a powerful enchantment of disharmony, and only jangled notes of malice and tumultuous cacophony can be coaxed from its strings."

This is an artefact found during the extended Elfland expedition our home team is on currently. We’ve managed to return to live play (for now, anyhow) and thus the main campaign continues from where we left off before the pandemic. A third of our experienced adventure group are desperately traveling the Elfland, trying to find the now-deposed King of Elfland and restore him to the throne before Lady Wyel’s wintry hordes destroy the Lands of Man completely. Things are turning out pretty epic!

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and cheers.