Wrappings of Onwa Marama

"Onwa Marama was a beloved priest of an antediluvian incarnation of Shul. When he perished he was buried under a great marble pyramid, clad in the wrappings of the finest embroidered silk.
Eventually these treasures made it into unscrupulous hands through the usual channels.

Here’s another artefact I designed to shore up the weaknesses of our module-testing group. They have no cleric, so adding a few limited ways for healing damage felt necessary, but I wanted to make things a little more interesting beyond adding a couple of healing draughts as loot into the adventure.

As a fun side note, the name “Onwa Marama” translates roughly into English as “Moon Moon” (ọnwa is Igbo for ‘moon’, and marama is the same word in Maori). Google Translate is the friend of any writer in need of weird fantasy names.