friends and neighbours

We’re part of the tabletop community at large, and as such have come to appreciate the content from various sources.
These are the aetherial places we go to when we’re not writing our own stuff:

appendix M

At least a hundred monsters to use in your OSR or DCC games and campaigns.

20 Faces of Fate

Dice are the tools of our trade (let them fall where they may), and if you’ve ever wanted to know more, this is the place.

Bounty Hunters

DCC Campaign: an account of adventures in DCC, wrought in word by The Knight from Norwich.

Dice Maniacs

AMP is an avid dice collector, and a proud dice maniac. Also check out the active collector’s collective on Facebook.

Goodman Games

We’re all pretty hooked on DCC and this is the source of all that goodness.

Raven Crowkin's Nest

Daniel J. Bishop is a house name in DCC circles and this is his demesne.

Sanctum Secorum

Our compatriots in crime. A prime source for excellent DCC content (some of it with the inimitable KitN touch, no less!) and clever discussion. Highly recommended for all readers.

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