knights of the north

From the articles below you can learn more about our dear contributors who help us keeping our dices warm during the cold nights of winter.

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lords and ladies of winter

  • Andrew Schroeder – Tabletop gamer and sys admin from Davenport, IA.
  • Antti Tumelius – Sir Excelot. Our very own grumpy Knight of accounting.
  • Sami Kuopusjärvi – illustrator and artist.
  • Ville Hakamäki – GM and archeologist.
  • Ville Rahkila (VIR) – GM and game designer.

Joni Kesti

The Knight of Balance: Illustrator & Site Admin

Vegard Stokke

The Knight of Dreams! I have a wife and a big screen TV, some friends and...

Andrew Sternick

The Knight of Mystery He just wandered into town one cool, clear night. Pointed up at...

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