Ari-Matti Piippo

“Now, I’ve seen that guy. ‘E keeps comin’ back for drinks ‘ere, talkin’ about something called ‘Polish gas station vodka’. Only goes away once I sell ‘im the strongest bottle of dwarven rotgut an’ a jug of apple juice.

I’ll tell you a secret… I’ve started watering down ‘is drinks! He never notices, and I sorta like them ramblins ‘e comes up with… Never ‘ad much of a skill at translitterating accents, no ‘e din’t, but at least ‘e tries.”

The First Knight in the North!

I’m a cultural anthropologist by training (Master of Arts), and a game designer because that’s what I’m bloody good at. I’ve mostly worked with mobile titles, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to share the stuff that’d otherwise get stashed in a drawer somewhere.

Like I said on the inaugural post, I found this outlet for our creative content just to share stuff. It looks like we’ve got a steady flow of cool stuff, and I’m constantly working on cheering up new writers! Anyone interested in joining should pop me an email at We pay nothing, and our visibility is illusionary, but we’ve got nary to no rules (nevertheless, check out our contributor guidelines here).

I’m mostly active here and on Facebook, where you’ll easily find me with my full name. I do have a MeWe account (again under my full name), and on Reddit I’m known as u/pahamaki.