Seven Scintillating Stones

This holiday week article is written by long time friend of the Lance, Raven Crowking (also known in the mundane realms as Daniel J. Bishop). The information in the article was apparently collected via correspondence with a Finnish tonttu. In a simplified sense, tonttus are house elves or spirits of old Finnish lore, and according to my understanding, they are fairly close to the brownies of the anglophone world.

Although tonttus used to be much more prevalent and present, they are nowadays are most active during the solstice season in the winter, and are reputedly in the employ of the jolly old Joulupukki (Santa Claus, as he is known in these parts; his patron details can be found here on KitN). So I figured that this’d be an excellent piece to offer up for your holiday reading this year.

Big thanks to Daniel for the article, I highly recommend checking out his site as well: you can find it over at As for KitN, it looks like a steady two articles a month seems reasonable for the current work-life-worry balance, so we’ll aim for that in the coming year.

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As always, stay safe, stay healthy and take care of your loved ones.

Happy holidays all!