We’re Back! (More or less)

Hello everyone! As the title suggests, the rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated! But it has been a bit of a rough time recently. The post illustration above is very apt this time, possibly too apt.

You may have noticed that we’ve taken a very long hiatus over the summer. This was caused by my health issues. Basically, I’ve got a bad set of lungs caused by a poor selection of genes, and the meds I have to eat to keep breathing have harsh side effects, which include making me stupid and tired. And it’s very hard to keep writing when you’re suffering from brain fog and can barely get through a work day without taking a nap. Essentially, any energy and creativity I’ve had available has been poured into my day job for the last many months.

Also, due to my constant exhaustion and the pandemic, I haven’t actually been playing RPGs in any reasonable amount, which means that producing playable content has not really even been possible. While writing stuff for the largely faceless readership of KitN (a nod and a wink to the friendly people in our Discord channel, and more on that later) is fun up to a point, the site is driven by me needing new content for my own table. No table means no content, especially since this site barely pays for its upkeep currently.

And in the great tradition of “nothing worth doing is ever easy”, turns out that the site itself decided to choke out right when I’ve reached a bit of a better balance with my medication, and consequently would have had some energy to work on new content. Luckily, the worst seems to have passed now, thanks to the skillful hands of one of my colleagues at MeKiwi – we’d still be offline without the good sir Markus Mört, who deftly resuscitated the site with some unknowable digital arts.

Which brings us to now. We’ll start posting stuff again in the coming weeks, but I won’t promise a regular post schedule for now. While I am feeling better, I’m not up to normal speed yet, and my actual paying work still eats up a lot of my brain power. If you want to see more KitN content, maybe consider tossing some coins our way via Patreon! Our only subscriber level is a modest $5, and gets you access to our Discord channel. At the moment, all of the proceeds go towards site upkeep, but if we start getting in more money, we’ll certainly do our best to generate more content – a sort of a quid pro quo arrangement, if you will.

Anyhow, stay safe and stay healthy. Maybe reach out to a friend who might be going through a rough patch, we’re still living in exceptionally difficult times.