The Land Nautiloid

Them nautiloid things're damn dangerous, rookie.
Good eatin' though, if'n ye can kill one.
Clayton Lee Jackson III

This week’s piece is something quite interesting to me personally. I have mentioned that I’m currently working on a VR game project called Cave Digger 2 (Steam link here). We’re nearing Early Access release, and you can actually try the game out in June during the next Steam fest (June 16th – 22nd). And, since the world of Cave Digger has been eating my brainpower recently, what better way to celebrate the project than bringing it over to KitN as well!

So, in the following article you can read about the strange land nautiloids, found in the caves of the far Frontier, and now available to populate your DCC and MCC worlds as well! The illustrations are actual concept art from the game, by our own Very Cool and Modest Knight, Jussi Pylkäs.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay posted for more sneak peeks into Cave Digger 2!